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Follow also by pictures my reproduction of the pirate ship "Le Bonhomme Richard" in the 1/36 scale .


Construction du bonhomme richard

I wish you a good navigation aboard an eighteenth century ship.

'Le Bonhomme Richard'

Its story :

John Paul Jones (1747-1792) operates as far as Europe, harassing English merchant ships around the British Isles, and occasionally challenging enemy warships.

In 1778, he obtained from King Louis XVI an old boat of the East India Company, "Le Duc de Duras"merchant vessel equivalent in size to a 64 guns ship. After a few transformations, the captain sails at the head of 7 ships for his race cruise.


Fight of September 23, 1779

A small squadron of French-American privateers commanded by John Paul Jones meets a British convoy of forty-one sails. The English escort meets the allies. A few distances from the English coast, the fight begins.

The privateer wing consists of five ships :

  • "Le Bonhomme Richard"  an old courrier of India commanded by Jones (armed of six pieces of 18, twenty-eight of 12 and eight of 9 on the front and rear ports).

  • "L’Alliance"  a French frigate of thirty-two guns, commanded by Landais

  • "La Pallas" a merchant armed with thirty guns

  • "La Vengeance" another 12 pieces marchent

  • "Le Cerf" a cutter of eighteen guns



Extract of "Histoire de frégate"

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