Passionate by the woodworking and appreciative of tall ships of the 18th century, that was an obviousness for me to fabric ships similar of those of the time, at least reduced models.

Modélisme d'arsenal. Le Bonhomme Richard

The author

My name is Alain (Lanig in Breton) , I was born in 1970 in Brittany where i Lived for years, particularly in Quimper and next in Rennes.

The course of my life

More than 30 years ago, I fabricate my first wooden ship, an in-kit Galleon. The provided parts, rough, and the unrealistic layouts drove me from the beginning to be inventive.


The 3 models that followed were made from directly purchased wooden sticks, modified and redesigned plans.


Even if the ships became more beautiful and biggest, they still was pre-invented models that were sorely lacking of realism.



And I discovered in 2006 the Gérard Delacroix's forum, author of many monographs and naval archeology searcher (among others). From here, others big names cames to extend my knowledge like Jean Boudriot and Jacques Fichant, to recite only them.



Modeling arsenal, a passion and a real discipline.

The study of the ships being the base of the arsenal modeler, I learnt gradually. I assisted to many expositions of arsenal models, and visited Navy museums.


 In the light of the volumes of the Ship of 74 guns of Jean Boudriot, discovering my first monograph (Le Fleuron de Gérard DELACROIX) I so had completly completely immersed in a naval contruction of the XVIIIth century.


I still had to choice a ship model to reproduce, and this is the corsair ship Le Bonhomme Richard, actor in American independence which will particularly retain my attention.

Monograph of Jean BOUDRIOT

The architect Jean Boudriot, author of the « V74 », is also the one of "Bonhomme Richard". He wil sign lot of  others monograph and works on the the French naval archeology, which will be a great help for the réalisation of my project (cf. Bibliographie).

Le Bonhomme Richard

Special Thanks

I especially want to thanks every persons who helped me for this website as well as for the valuable manufacturing tips. Thanks to my son, Anthony, for his work for this website and to my wife for her corrections.


Thanks to Gérard DELACROIX, Jacques MAILLIERE, and to Alain WERNIMONT who help me a lot,  especially for historical researches of fabrication. Thanks to Michele PADOAN for the authorization of diffusion of videos from his YouTube channel.


Also thanks to Arthur Molle, who -without knowing it- help me a lot through his conception of the Bonhomme Richard. His expertise and his great knowledge shown in his models, are important assets. 


And finally thanks to all these persons that I will can't nominate who write to me them support and commentaries.




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