This page is dedicated to videos dealing with model making or other topics related to the ships we are interested in.


 You can also find information on exhibitions and modellers events, and soon small videos on my model of the BHR.





Come dream in front of arsenal models. Not only is time stop, but it's a real comeback in the past on our Navy & Merchant Navy.


You will find to follow some dates of exhibitions and upcoming events.





Right, photo of Artur Molle in front of his Bonhomme Richard.

(Exhibition in Lille in 2007).


Dates of the upcoming exhibitions :


Les Franciliades 2020

25th and 26th of April

Building of a ship in video

Excerpt from the Youtube channel of the talented model maker Michele Padoan, find a slideshow of the construction of La Salamandre  (Galiote à bombe of 1758, monograph by Jean Boudriot & Hubert Berti).

Find more videos directly on Michele PADOAN's channel.


Montage of the most beautiful videos on l'Hermione. Insertion of some shots of the "Surprise", on a music of Master and commander.

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